The 10 Commandments of Angular Development – Adventures in Angular episode

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18 Performance Optimization Techniques For Angular Applications (podcast with Michael Hladky)

Performance is extremely important in front-end applications as they directly impact the application’s user experience. Poorly performing applications can be frustrating for the end-users. For example, an e-commerce site that is slow and unresponsive might deter users which could have a direct impact on the business.  Although there is a growing number of tools to

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The monorepo blueprint (live talk)

I just did this live talk at AarhusJS – a Javascript meetup in Aarhus (Denmark), my hometown 🙂 The talk extended upon the lessons learned after working with Angular monorepo projects and will teach you about: Creating a good Angular architecture Case study: Monorepo architecture Using Sandboxes/facades Organizing libs and conventions in a monorepo Enforcing

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The Ten Commandments of Angular Development

As a consultant, I normally work with companies between 3-12 months at a time and then I am off to the next gig. Most often, I am hired as a “hands-on” coach, were I am called in for an important and urgent project to make stuff happen within a very tight deadline. This requires that

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The Complete Guide To Angular Load Time Optimization

In the past, I have written a lot about performance tuning Angular apps. Now it is time to dive into one of the big and important topics: optimizing Angular load time performance. Recently, I helped a big e-commerce site with optimizing their load time, as every ms of waiting time decreases conversions. This forced me

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Performance Tuning Angular Apps – From 0 to 100 (live talk)

Live talk of me presenting a complete guide of how to performance optimize Angular apps. This is based on one of my workshop modules. You will learn: How to apply a three-step process to performance optimize Angular apps like a doctor Different techniques to optimize performance for change detection, network, and user experience How to

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