NgRx Workshop


Three half-day sessions from 12.30-16.30 CET, 13.-14. of September 2022.

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Included in Angular Architect Accelerator
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Frontend applications are getting more and more complicated and using state management tools is a necessity to keep things manageable at scale.

NgRx is the industry standard for state management in Angular apps and it’s absolutely crucial that you use it the right way.

In this workshop, you will learn how to work with NgRx according to the industry best practices, tested on more than 10 high scale Angular projects.

✅ Understand NgRx fundamentals
✅ Reactive architecture
✅ Best practices
✅ Testing with NgRx
✅ Snapshot testing
✅ Spectator
✅ CI integration

How the workshop works

  • Fully remote – No travel required
  • Two half-day sessions – Get back to your daily work and apply what you learned
  • See and do – See the different topics be explained using slides, live code and try it yourself with provided exercises
  • Interactive classroom – We will be working in a collaborative code editor, that allow us to see the whole solution as well as pair-programming
  •  Materialsrecording, examples and access to a Slack community – Will help you even after the workshop has ended

Module 1

NgRx fundamentals

  • RxJS basics
  • NgRx vs. other state management libraries
  • NgRx basics
  • Reactive architecture
  • Facade pattern
  • Domain driven/layered architecture with NgRx and Nx
Module 1

Module 2

NgRx best practices

  • What to put in the store
  • Immutability
  • Normalization vs. duplication
  • Error handling
  • Optimistic updates
  • Event driven flow
Module 2

Module 3

NgRx testing

  • Unit testing reducers, selectors and effects
  • Mocks for NgRx
  • Integration tests for NgRx
Module 3

Module 4

Advanced NgRx

  • NgRx entity
  • Caching
  • Undo / Redo
  • Deep linking
  • Various plugins (router…)
Module 4

NgRx Workshop

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