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It’s time to become a highly paid Angular developer

Angular Architect Accelerator is the easiest way to become an in-demand Angular developer whether you are a beginner, senior or freelance developer. 

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ENROLLMENT IS Closing soon

The enrollment window is open for 5 days only with only 10 seats
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A Program That Pays for Itself

Proven Process​

Become an Angular architect by following practical step-by-step instructions that are proven to work. Get the assurance and clear guidance you need to be confident in making the right decisions before you do a big investment in the architecture and design of your Angular apps.​

Collaborative Community​

Pair with other experienced Angular developers as you complete the different exercises. The supportive community is designed to help you become better and innovate your solutions by collaborating with other Angular developers.

Mental Reprogramming​

Reprogram your brain for high performance by reinventing the way to think about Angular development. Discover new approaches to common problems and internalize everything with invaluable course material you can come back to even after completing the course.​

Expert Mentorship​

No matter how good the training is, you'll always have questions. Get 24/7 access to experts in the community and weekly Q&A calls. There's always help to find.



Drawing your clean architecture

We will cover the best practices and fundamental principles of creating a clean and maintainable Angular architecture. How to choose the right architecture for your setup, enforcing module boundaries as well as looking at essential clean code best practices for Angular development.



Assembling The War Machine

This week is all about increasing the efficiency of Angular development teams. We will go over various process principles, feature toggling as well as creating a highly efficient CI/CD pipeline that can support monorepos.



Angular Testing

Deep dive into testing, including the different scopes, and how to test different class types. We will also touch upon the pragmatic approaches to testing, including the discipline of test-driven development and end-to-end testing.



Advanced Angular Patterns

We will learn how to master reactive programming, forms, helpful Angular patterns including helping you decide which state management framework to use.
We will dive deep into NgRx and you will learn everything you need to know to create highly scalable apps with it. Also, we will look into a couple of helpful design patterns in Angular development and how to create a UI library.



Creating Performant Angular Apps

You will learn how to performance optimize your Angular apps for world-class performance in extreme step-by-step details.



Angular In Production

We will cover common scenarios when running Angular apps in our production setups such as handling internationalization, authentication and logging, and error handling.



Modern Angular Technology

We will cover the modern Angular technologies and how to internalize them in your apps. This includes creating NPM packages, micro frontends, web components with Angular Elements, Angular PWA and cross-platform mobile app development with Ionic, Angular, and Capacitor.



Crafting The Technology Roadmap

We will cover essential actions to internalize the course content and STEP UP as a developer with influence in your company by creating your guidelines for Angular development for your team and create a 12-month technology roadmap to plot out a plan for when the course content is going to be internalized.



Accelerating Your Angular Career

We will cover how to leverage the results you will achieve during and after the 8-weeks course to ACCELERATE your way to an Angular senior developer/architect position and beyond in no time.

Here you learn everything you need to know to LEVEL UP in your career by learning non-mainstream marketing tactics for Angular developers including writing an attractive resumé, practicing mock interviews and becoming an authority recruiters are dying to recruit.


The AAA is open for 5 days only. Enroll now to claim your limited time offer.


Results Speak for Themselves


From a lead developer to director of software engineering after taking the course.


The content available online (books, YT videos and blog posts) didn't teach him the whole picture.

Joining the course thought him the best practices and later got him promoted to a senior developer.


Solutions architect in America. Prior to joining he had 19 years of experience.

As usual, he started with the basic information available on sites like Udemy but he was lacking the practical advice so he joined the course.

He got a complete set of best practices of guidelines and got a complete plan for how to implement it for his Angular project.


He thought he already knew a lot of content but got a brand new perspective on how to create Angular apps that helped him with his Angular career.

Daniel Kreider

Became one of the best Angular developers on his team and confident in his abilities after taking the course.


Needed clear guidance on the industry best practices.

Archived an extremely good architecture to handle scale and learned how to use Angular in the best way possible for his Angular project.

Learn from a real world expert

Hi, I’m Christian and I will personally lead this course.

I have since the beginning for Angular been consulting and training the biggest companies in Angular development and this course is based on what has worked in the industry.

Whether you just have a few months of Angular experience or you already are a senior developer or freelancer, Angular Architect Accelerator will take you to the next level and I’m confident you’ll be blown away by the quality of the content and community when you join.



After completing the 8-weeks training and have done the action items, most should see at least a 2x increase in throughput depending on your current level as well as having a complete toolbelt for operating like a highly competent Angular architect. Where you want to take your career is completely up to you but I will help you use the results through the course to market yourself as an authority in this space.
Typically one hour per workday will get you through in 8 weeks and will give you a fair amount of time to incorporate the content in your current project. That being said, you will be given one year access to the course content once you have enrolled.
The techniques in the course have been tested on a lot of different industries like banking, agro culture, tourism, e-commerce and more. Some of these industries might have some cultural differences, I will show you how to deal with, but they are all capable of seeing a huge increase in efficiency with Angular development after having taken this training.

Yes. Most participants get their company to pay for this if they have some training budget for their engineers.

If not, tell your employer that you think it would be a good investment for your project to be optimized through this training and that it will pay back the price many many times.

The training works this way:

  1. You will watch lessons in the course portal
  2. You will do action items for each lesson to work with the new knowledge
  3. You will get feedback from the community and me through the Slack workspace and weekly Q&A calls if you have questions

Yes, the videos contains captions.

This is different from other Angular training such as Angular University because this will not only give you a complete toolbelt of techniques and best practices with advanced Angular development but also help you internalizing this knowledge for your SPECIFIC situation rather than generic training. This course is interactive and you will grow together with a strong community of the industry’s leading experts. Also, this will help you utilize the technical skills learned in the course to step up in your career fast.
No, you get one year access. But, I recommend you finish in 8 weeks as this normally produces the most momentum and results.

Yes, you will get a certificate upon completion to use as a proof of competence.

First… I’ve been working with Angular since AngularJS. I’ve lived and breathed it every single day for those five years and never deviated.  Angular is my thing, it’s my art form.  The best way you can judge whether somebody is trustworthy and able to deliver is by their level of commitment to their customers and craft. For one, I have absolutely mastered my field and created Angular apps for millions of users using my skills in all sorts of industries, not only that but I’ve been able to transfer my skills to thousands of other developers.  You can go to my website, and look for yourself, read some of my 100+ blog posts and then just look at the reviews on this page. I’ve invested heavily with my own money and time to make the world’s best training program for growing as an Angular architect.  This is my life’s work, my results are proven, my student’s results are proven.

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It’s time to accelerate your Angular career and become highly paid.
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