Freelance Accelerator

Do you want to learn how to get started with running your own highly profitable IT freelance business in the shortest amount of time possible? Without risking your financials!

The mentor program works by going through a 6 week program to get started as a freelancer.

You will get the answers to:

  • How to transition from your full-time job to being a IT freelancer (and double your salary!)
  • How do I get consistent work as a freelancer?
  • Do I need to be an “expert” to be a freelancer?
  • How do I handle the risks involved in being self-employed?
  • How to scale your business to over 30 k USD a month by selling workshops and doing “value based pricing”

The program is as following:

  • Week 1 – The road that lays ahead

  • Week 2 – Finding your laser-focused niche

  • Week 3 – Assembling the war machine

  • Week 4 – Branding yourself as an expert

  • Week 5 – The weekly workflow for winners

  • Week 6 – Handling administration with a freelance company

Signup below and please tell me why you are a good mentee because I can only offer this to a limited amount of people.