Angular Testing Workshop (online, interactive, English)

In this workshop, you will learn how to efficiently do testing for your Angular projects.

We will cover all the tools and best practices in an interactive classroom, to ensure you leave the workshop with high confidence in Angular testing and know-how of what to do in every testing situation.

After the workshop, you will, among other things, know how to:

  • When and how to do Angular E2E, integration and unit tests
  • How to design your architecture for testability
  • Test asynchronous code
  • Reduce the boilerplate by using the latest testing tools
  • Know what to test to ensure a high a high ROI
  • How to use Jest for Angular tests including Snapshot testing
  • Avoid flaky end-to-end tests
  • How to integrate tests with the CI

Module 1

Testing fundaments

  • Why testing?
  • What to test
  • Testing strategies
  • The testing trophy
  • Testable architecture
Module 1

Unit testing with Jest

  • Jest vs. Karma
  • Testing Situations
  • Testing With Spectator
  • Mocking
  • Testing Asynchronicity
  • Testing Reactive Code
  • Testing harnesses

Cypress testing

  • Cypress Basics
  • Page Objects
  • Mocking backend
  • Common Struggles With E2E Testing
  • CI integration

Cypress and Storybook

  • Storybook Basics
  • Using Cypress with Storybook
  • Visual regression testing