Learn how to write
industry-level Angular Apps

In this book, you will learn how professional teams want you to architect Angular apps.

My experience from 10 Angular projects

I’ve worked with more than 8 companies as an Angular consultant, reviewed countless PR code reviews, and assessed job interviews.


I have been constantly improving on the best practices of how to do Angular in the best way in terms of quality and speed.


Here are my findings of the best way to work as a senior/lead Angular developer put together in an easy-to-digest e-book including examples and explanations.


What will you get?

Practical advice


75 pages packed with explanations and examples of how to write best practice Angular apps.

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Visual examples

Showing you how to avoid common mistakes and improve your approach to Angular development.

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Through walkthrough

We will cover a wide range of topics with clear explanations and step by step walkthrough.

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Preparation for your next interview

You will be equipped with a lot of great best practices that are guaranteed to impress at the next job interview.

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Covers the most critical areas of Angular development 

You will learn the best practices of the most critical areas of Angular development including architecture with monorepo, micro frontends and reactive architecture, clean code best practices, DevOps, testing, NgRx and much more.

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Handbook for your current Angular project

Snippets and best practices ready to be used in your current Angular project.

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30 days money-back guarantee.

If you didn’t learn anything, hit me up, and I’ll refund you.